Lean Streaming platform delivers reliable, flexible and scalable solution on any setup

Lean IPTV makes streaming simple, steady and consistent

Flexible segment sizing ensures seamless streaming to any network.
In case of a network dropout, stream recovers completely without disrupting viewer experience.

Streamer and end users

Professional Streaming Solutions

Live Streaming

Linear streaming supports streaming in multiple formats like HLS, TS, MP4.
For smoother delivery, the stream can be pre-buffered on client device.
Fast zapping feature can be activated by adjusting the size of segments.

TV Archive

All the most viewed programs can be recorded at backend and then showed as archived programs for later use.

Catch-up TV

Pause and play live stream and then catch-up live stream again so not to miss anything.

Video on Demand

Show movies and TV series on demand to subscribers. Streaming movies has been made extremely efficient without any delays or buffering.


Authorized users get the option of recording and downloading the important content for later watching on a central server. The time limit can be set from backend management solution.

Time Shift

This feature enables to delay live broadcasts from minutes to hours. This could be used to match the time zone or for editing the content during this shift.

Facebook and YouTube live streaming

Lean Streamer can be configured to stream directly on Facebook or YouTube live streaming.