LEAN Load Balancer smartly and efficiently balances the load of traffic and makes sure every user is automatically connected to the closest CDN edge server for smooth user experience

Smart Algorithm

The smart algorithm of our Load Balancer selects the appropriate Cache server nearest to the end user device based on IP address group rules like geography, provider IP block, bandwidth availability and network stability.

management server

Multi-Functional Load Balancer

Managing CDN server cluster

Bit-rate reduction of multiple streams

Client authentication and authorization

Regularly checking status of CDN servers

Active failover protection in case of HW failure

Active Failover Protection

LEAN Load Balancer manages CDN server cluster, checking periodically their status and forwarding clients to each server depending on required service. In case of a failure of a CDN server, the Load Balancer redirects end user to a working CDN server.


Lean IPTV provides end-to-end IPTV/OTT solution that is innovative and flexible, delivering extremely intuitive user experience.